Upcoming GSP Litters - 

​​​​​​Upcoming GSP Litters - 

All breedings are done with the intent of producing a puppy that has natural ability, a great temperament and that is within the AKC breed standard. The optimum goal is to produce puppies that will thrive in any performance activity AND be a family companion in the house. OFA health certifications are obtained on both parents prior to breeding. All litters, like all of our dogs, are born and raised in the house as part of our family!

​An email can be sent for more information and to request a puppy questionnaire.

2021 Spring Litter - Piper x Levi

We are excited to announce our next breeding pair!

UKC CH High Caliber's Charismatic Piper  JH NA1  - Piper will be bred to 

AKC CH / UKC USJ BIMBS GRCH High Cal's Levi Von Strauss of Abbe Lane BN MH JHR RDX UT1 - Levi

Piper is out of Ember's 1st litter and has a wonderful temperament and great bird drive. She brings a strong desire to work and loves water. Levi is out of Ellee's 1st litter and has been been more than we could ever ask for. See his page for more info on him.

This pairing will produce dogs with most importantly a wonderful temperament and also a love for the field and water.  

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