The final member of the original pack, we adopted Hunter in January, 2008 at the age of 6. We quickly learned he had a hard past life so we welcomed him into our home as a great family companion. He was so full of life, love and energy, a typical GSP for sure! He and Champ became best of friends. We were so grateful to have given Hunter a new forever home and in return he blessed us with over 11 years of love and devotion for it. He will truly be missed.
RIP (2001 - 10/17/19)

This page is dedicated to those who are the reason why we are what we are today. Thank you to my best friends forever! 

Gone but NEVER forgotten..........


The founding member of what is today known as Team DogsUnlimited, we adopted Cajun in July, 2004 and he was the leader of this pack and our dock jumping legend. I'm so grateful for all of the new experiences and friends that he brought me to. I had so much fun with this crazy chocolate boy and created memories I will cherish forever.
RIP (10/31/02 - 05/20/15)


The second addition to this pack, we adopted Bear in April, 2005 and he was a great family companion. Even though Bear didn't compete in any events, he was a calm, sweet, boy that was the sideline supporter. One of the best dogs a family could ask for! He will truly be missed.
RIP (04/21/02 - 05/10/15)